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Computer Repairman LLC is a professional outfit performing all computer repair and network needs for all Business & SOHO, Commercial, Corporate, Residential work welcome. Computer Repairman now offers camera security solutions. Computer Repairman LLC has been successfully established since 2005 and continues to grow. Professional service that is honest and well worth your time and money.

Our customers have been extremely satisfied with our service. Computer Repairman LLC clients include: Lawyers, Dentists, Accountants, Insurance offices, Auto Clinics, Professional Freelancers, Animal Clinics, Trucking Companies and Restaurant services to say the least with countless residential customers.

Please call for a free consultation today or book a service call.  " Why Call a geek, when the Computer Repairman is what you need!! "

1822 North Sheffield, Unit A2, Chicago, IL, 60614, United States